Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wunderkammer, Cabinet of Curiosities

New Favorite word - Wunderkammer!!  Cabinet of Curiosities. I came across an article about this mode of collecting from as early as the 16th century in a Vogue magazine, of all places.  (Check out the above link from wikipedia.....) Needless-to-say this made me feel better about all my crazy collections of  "curious items" that I have everywhere. There are people who don't understand and there are a lot of people who share my love of hunting & gathering & displaying!! It's always a pleasure to meet one of those kindred spirits. I never could live the new zen life style, although it looks so great in photos. Only problem is moving all this stuff. That's why they started museums i guess!! 

"We live in a rainbow of Chaos"  Paul C√©zanne 


  1. I think "wunderkammer" means "wonder chamber" in German! Funny. Thank you for this great concept! I call my hoarding "Plunder" and have a whole blog category dedicated to it. Keep on collecting and I wish you happy creations from tj at Studio Mailbox

  2. WunderBar, 'berta!
    What a great blog - keep it up..., there are so many wonderful art eccentricities out there, and we need you to find and post them for us who also find them fascinating.
    ~~~Big P. S. - post on FaceBook that you have this blog...!!