Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wunderkammer, Cabinet of Curiosities

New Favorite word - Wunderkammer!!  Cabinet of Curiosities. I came across an article about this mode of collecting from as early as the 16th century in a Vogue magazine, of all places.  (Check out the above link from wikipedia.....) Needless-to-say this made me feel better about all my crazy collections of  "curious items" that I have everywhere. There are people who don't understand and there are a lot of people who share my love of hunting & gathering & displaying!! It's always a pleasure to meet one of those kindred spirits. I never could live the new zen life style, although it looks so great in photos. Only problem is moving all this stuff. That's why they started museums i guess!! 

"We live in a rainbow of Chaos"  Paul C├ęzanne 

My computer workspace, a bit cluttered, but that's how I like it. I love my mac. Funny how I used to argue with my ol' buddy Harold Gee back when I got my first computer, a PC - I always said that all computers were the same.....  HA!!  there is no contest....., sorry Harold! Well he is a photographer extraordinaire & needs the best tool. I should have listened earlier, ah well, live & learn....  
 In this pic there is a pic of Dennis Hopper on my screen - i was looking up his art after having a very strange dream with him in it (i thought maybe there was some deep hidden meaning, didn't find any). On my wall from left to right is an abstract painting by Michael Kokiko (whereabouts unknown), Doll by the magnificent Page Moran, Doll by me, print by Mark Rowley, Obama print from move on.org, james brown nite light by James Descant and a crazy cat lady action figure from accoutrements still in it's package. (an xmas gift from best buddy ellen in new orleans)  

So.... I was going to try to start reading the "Artist's Way", still haven't gotten into it yet. Jeez, slow mover that I am. While shopping on amazon, i found a wonderful book, "An Illustrated Life, drawing Inspiration from...."  by the artist Danny Gregory. Well, he's been blogging for 5 years - his story is amazing and really inspiring. (read his blogs....books) I can't believe I never saw his work before, (i just got this "blog" thing last week.....)   He now says he's "gone drawing", taking a break from blogging. Somewhere, I read that "the Artist's Way" was one of his favorite books. It's so funny how things like that happen. You drag out a book, dust it off, and then you find another artist by mere coincidence who praises the book, which all inspires me to draw!!! DRAW!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wow, it's a whole new thing! Bloggin'. I am a blog virgin, it's all pretty new & exciting to me. I quit my part time job last week and have pretty much been sleeping all week, the Dreaming is just too good. But today I woke up and realized I had too much to do to worry about all that. So I am on a new kick to finally read and follow the book "the artist's way", by Julia Cameron...(i've only been carrying it around since 1992) I do that a lot w/ books, do i think that i will just soak in the knowledge via osmosis?? or what??  any who, her big thing is morning pages, writing every day to RETRIEVE your creativity. So this could be a good way to do it. Plus, I like adding pictures to go along with ones mood. 

I want to do one of those pacts with myself... like - create at least one drawing, painting, collage or just taking a great picture every day and post some on here. I like that idea. This is a picture of my peace flags last winter with a great tree outside my porch. This year those flags are looking pretty beat up having gone thro the winter from Hell here in wisconsin. 

Today was Fat Tuesday. I put on some nola music and second lined my sorry butt around the house in honor of mardi gras. Antoinette K-doe died last nite i hear, MG morning, mmm  mmm... and Snooks Eaglin last week. Sad... I miss being in New Orleans every day. Came back to my home town after Katrina. It was a good place to get reconnected with my spiritual side and work out some kinks in my brain. But it is not New Orleans. People who have not lived there, well, they just don't get it. That's all i can say.... and I think having lived there for about 25 years it's ingrained in me now. I couldn't make it for MG, but will go for 3 weeks for Jazz Fest, as I have missed 3 of them, the most EVER since 1976. I don't know if I want to move back there tho, I'll see because it is such a part of me and I have many good buddies there. But lately I have been craving a TROPICAL BEACH. (You go thro this brutal of a winter without a car, and you too will crave a change towards a cabana with swaying palms, climbing bougainvillea  & a little jimmy buffet on the juke box.) Yes you will. 

But for now, until i can figure it out I make a pledge to MAKE MORE ART!!! FOCUS!!!! and Have Fun.